Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I Need Homes!!!


This post is going to be very local in nature – Seminole and Orange County area homeowners -- I need houses to sell! I have 185+ buyers that are qualified and want to buy between NOW and the end of this year. And the best part is that the market is turning around and sellers are now starting to get their asking price, and (in some cases) entertain multiple offers, and move up to their next home with very cheap loans.

Are you ready to sell? Who do you know that's ready to sell? Please respond as soon as possible so I can catch this upsurge for YOU, get your home SOLD, and get YOU moved up to your next great home with interest rates that even your grandparents haven't seen!

Call me today, please! 407-420-9004. I have lots of qualified Buyers and not enough houses to sell!

Julie Boyd-Elrod, Realtor

The Julie Boyd-Elrod Group, P.A.

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